I’m Moving to England


Happy Spring!! So much has happened since I last got on my happy little blog!

I have spent the last few months learning so much about where I have been and what types of things I want to be doing with my life. Right now, I am just finishing my first year of law school and getting ready for summer where I plan to really get into pro-bono work and volunteering in my area. However I have even bigger news:



This has been a lifelong dream of mine, and while I will only be living there for a year, this is everything. I will be at UEA in Norwich getting an LLM, and I am so excited to see the world while getting to attend such an amazing school. I also know that while I am there I am so excited to share the entire experience with you, and been kind of thinking about vlogging some of my time so my family and friends back home can see my life. Let me know if any of you live in that area, or if you’re interested in blog posts or vlogs in the future!!


Tastes of November

This past month has been so much fun! I have been exploring a plant based diet, and it has helped me so much in eating healthy and mindfully. I have been experimenting with Raw Vegan salad dressings, and eating way more fruit then I used to as well. Not only that but I have been trying to make smoothie recipes that I can post on here as well! I am trying not to label myself as anything in particular, such as vegan or fully plant based, for a few reasons. One of them is that I don’t feel I have earned the title, I mean it has only been a month.. Also I slip up sometimes, I am only human, and I sometimes eat things I shouldn’t but I am learning.

I wanted to share a few pictures from over on the OneJoyfulLife instagram where I have been posting pictures of some of the things I eat. This habit of posting and talking with other people on a path to eating more healthy has been so helpful in this process. I have learned so much and I can’t thank everyone over on instagram enough! We are almost at 100 Followers!! So here are the things I ate in November!

Losing my Father

One way that I have always been able to sort out my feelings and work through my thoughts has been by writing.I have spent a long time attempting to write this post. Nothing that I am writing about has been easy, I wanted to apologize for not being on here as much as I usually am. The reason for that is that on October 6th, 2016 my father passed away.


When I was two years old my father was diagnosed with stage four cancer, and was finishing his treatment when I was about five or six years old. He spent most of my life in and out of good health, and these last few years he truly suffered. Even with twelve years on a feeding tube, and life harnessed to an oxygen tank my father never once complained and nurses who treated him were always so shocked to hear he never once took antidepressants. October 1st was the last time I saw my dad, that next day he went to bed and then never woke up. He spent 4 days in a coma-like state and then passed in peace on the 6th.

However this post isn’t going to be about all of his health issues.┬áMy dad was my best friend, for twenty-two years he was my rock as well as my hero, and he always will be. Ever since I was a little girl my father showed me how to be a good person, how to stay strong, and to always make people laugh. He was not only an amazing father to my sister and I, but also a loving and caring husband of 40 years. He coached my sister and I in tennis and softball, took us on camping trips, and made sure we always knew we were loved. My dad was always there for me, he was available at all hours of the day if I needed to call him or message him. If I ever needed anything or needed advice or just someone to make me smile I always knew where I could turn. Learning to cope with this change hasn’t been easy, there have been plenty of times where I go to send hi ma text or get to my parents house only to realize his chair is empty and his things are gone. As time has passed I have come to realize that losing him has been the hardest thing to even happen to myself and my family, but for him his suffering has ended and he is in a much better place and with me at all times in spirit. img_3728

I know this post is not very much exciting news, happy news, or a big beauty breakthrough but thank you so much for reading it.



Starting Fresh


Some of you may be regular visitors here, and others may be brand new, so hello there friends! Either way everything around here is new! I recently decided to start fresh on this site, to post about things that truly matter to me and are things I am passionate about. Last year I posted mostly things I thought other people would want and that would drive up views, which it did, but I got lost in the writing and never felt authentic. So now here we are, late 2016 and beginning autumn. I am newly enrolled in law school and have so many new and exciting adventures to embark on. I hope you’ll find this new site a breath of fresh air and enjoy coming back again and again. Let me know if there is anything you want me to post about or things you want to see more of. Thank you all so much!