I’m Moving to England


Happy Spring!! So much has happened since I last got on my happy little blog!

I have spent the last few months learning so much about where I have been and what types of things I want to be doing with my life. Right now, I am just finishing my first year of law school and getting ready for summer where I plan to really get into pro-bono work and volunteering in my area. However I have even bigger news:



This has been a lifelong dream of mine, and while I will only be living there for a year, this is everything. I will be at UEA in Norwich getting an LLM, and I am so excited to see the world while getting to attend such an amazing school. I also know that while I am there I am so excited to share the entire experience with you, and been kind of thinking about vlogging some of my time so my family and friends back home can see my life. Let me know if any of you live in that area, or if you’re interested in blog posts or vlogs in the future!!


What do you think?

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